i dont like waking up early and having nothing to do because i feel bad maybe ill go back to sleep a little


some highlights from the old askblog

Imo, mind control is some kind of domination. What do you think ?

well for the person who is mind controlling it is obviously,

i dont think much of it , mostly because i think of stuff im into as seperate from stuff id like to do to people or stuff id like to have done to me

when reading mind control stories tho u can rly tell whether the author is into being mind controlled or mind controlling people its funny

good mind control is so hard to find

oh nnoo oo oo i'm into mind control too but. i'm. shy

oh noooo thats good ,  i dont actually know that many people who are into mind control, i know its even a scary prospect for some people

dont be shy , mind control is like the number one kink im super open about for some reason

lysandre would have to pick him up to kiss him

have you considered sam and lysandre kissing

i have not rly considerd sam and lysandre kissing before but i’m laughin thinking about it especially considering lysandre is like so tall? lysandre is like a 100 story tall building compared to sam herbert

Dom or Sub?

i dont know at all i would probably say sub but i’m actually really anxious about the idea of being dominated & i don’t think i would like it that much, but, ive never actually tried it so idk

i guess if it was soft domination. follo w for more soft domming

do you like cuddling, please answer

YES, I DO LIKE CUDDLING, i like intimacy as long as theres no sexual expectations behind it, i guess

i like being close to people i trust and touching them

which grimm is the hottest grimm. have you been asked this before. idk